Our Technology

Boola will provide unparalleled user experience with low latency mobile-only live video streaming with exciting enhanced features.

Augmentation filters

Augmentation Filters is the addition of digital objects to the natural environment, viewing through mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. The user can manipulate these objects through real-time movement.  This effect can bring a different dimension to a routine video streaming that will entice most, if not all userbase.

Multi-angle view

Multi-angle provides better viewing experience; viewers are given the ability to watch celebrity from a list of viewing angles provided by the celebrity. Likewise, the celebrity is able to pre-configure a set of viewing angles that she or he would like to provide to the viewers.

Real-time interaction

The purpose of gamification features PK is to create more fun and interactivities between celebrities with the users, in return for greater rewards. It also enables users/fans to gain a sense of belongings and participation in the live streaming session with celebrities.


Machine learning techniques allows automation of a large bulk of the work currently done by humans, or enable new capabilities never conceived before. Specifically in the context of entertainment and interactions between celebrities and fans, natural language processing (NLP) is going to play a very important role.

Low Latency Live Streaming

Obtaining the best video and voice quality are critical to our Fans.
Our platform supports video resolution adjustment to bandwidth, and the world highest level of packet loss resilience of up to 50%

Blockchain Technology

Boola platform will utilize blockchain technology in 2 ways that are essential for enhancement of engagement and maximization of the Stars’ revenue:
(1) BOL Token – the core element of “sharing token economy”- to incentivize stronger engagements between Fans and Stars.
(2) Digital Merchandising and utilization of smart contracts to pay commissions to the Stars when Fans trade Star’s digital merchandise between each other